Our awards

We have been very fortunate to have one some amazing awards for our products, with the first award taking place before we had completed our licensing!   We do not particularly pursue awards and competitions for their own sake:  rather we use them as a way of benchmarking our products against others in South Africa and abroad. 

Competitions are not the only way we assess quality of course.  Our products are reviewed by restaurants and bars, vendors and retailers, bloggers, vloggers and of course our wonderful customers, and we value their input, published or private.

And we thank them for their many great suggestions over the years.  We wish we had the time to implement them all, and make all of the products you have asked for!<br>

But here is a list of the public awards we have received:


Cape Dry Gin:   Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards – Double Gold medal winner  For this award a product is judged in accordance with the variety or type (class) to which it belongs and in which it has been entered. The International 100 point OIV system is used.  All products are judged ‘blind’, thus the judges aren’t aware of the origin of the product being adjudicated and aren’t influenced by product packaging. Gran d’Or (Double Gold) is awarded for a score of 93 to 95.99 points


Ruby Gin:  South African Women’s Wine and Spirits competition – Gold Winner

The SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards assesses the quality of a product, and endorses products that would appeal, in taste and quality, to women consumers.   The judges are female consumers or members of the trade who have a qualification from the Cape Wine Academy, or a similar qualification.


Cape Dry Gin:  Sommeliers Trophy Award – Gold medal

Cape Dry Gin:  London Spirits Competition – Gold Medal

Cape Dry Gin: Londons Spirits Awards – Gin of the Year Award

The London Spirits Award singles out those spirits and brands that consumers really want to buy, and that have a clear market value for trade buyers. Spirits are judged in three key areas: their quality, their value for money and their appearance.