Our gin spirit families

Our spirits

As a small, but well-equipped distillery, Deep South is able to manufacture and bottle almost any kind of spirit.  We experiment continuously with processes, ingredients, and recipes as a way of mastering both the science of craft spirits and the art.

Not all products that we create make it to the general market

  • some are made for our clients
  • some are for limited release to a closed community or for the distiller’s private bin
  • some are reserved as base spirits for contract clients
  • some are only for tasting or for workshops at the distillery.

Spirits bottled under the Deep South label


Experimentation and quality lie at the heart of what we do. 

Our focus at the moment is on white spirits, mainly gin, rum, vodka and infused vodkas.   But in between the production runs and the bottling and labelling, we try to find the time for experimentation.  So even though they are not in the bottle stores, there is always something new on the go at the distillery.

A visit to the distillery may reveal the odd fruit schnapps, a liqueur or two, a barrel-aged gin, a grappa or simply a new item in our extensive recipe library – single distilled flavours of more than a hundred botanicals that we keep in reserve for recipe making and blending. 

From 2020 we are starting with our barrel ageing journey mostly of rums and some may be ready fro the market in mid 2021.

Along with experimentation, we are particular about our record keeping.  We monitor every fermentation and distillation and record everything that happens during the process.  This allows us to exploit “happy accidents” – something that did not go as planned, but that nevertheless results in something very pleasant to the spirit – so we can repeat the process.   And it also allows us to create repeatable quality, batch after batch.