Ruby Gin 500ml Giftbox

This gorgeous ruby-coloured gin is our play-time gin. Made in a floral style, and infused with the beautiful colours and subtle aromas of hibiscus, this gin invites you to be creative in your choices of mixers and garnishes.

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A flavourful aromatic gin made in a pronounced floral style. Heady scents of rose and lavender blend with the deeper, darker fruity notes of honeybush lifted by the exotic scent of hibiscus.
Note: Deep South Gins are made only with natural botanicals, including selected roots which prolong the life of colours and aromas. Exposure to bright light heat or oxygen, especially once the bottle is opened, will lead naturally to bottle aging and fading of some of the aromas and flavours over time . Best consumed within 2 months of opening and 4 months of purchase.

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Tasting Notes


Top notes of rose and citrus on a scented herbaceouslavender background, spiked with sweet spice.
Juniper and lavender combine on the mid-palate, encased in Turkish Delight flavours from the pelargonium. Complexity and density provided by the honeybush and spices

Deep berry jam and fynbos linger with sweet spice and persistent lavender


The Ruby Gin contains juniper, coriander, angelica root, honeybush, lemon peel, orris root, cassia bark, lavender, elderberry and rose pelargonium

Perfect Serve

A gorgeous and hugely popular gin that invites creativity. Ruby challenges you to play. Equally delicious sipped neat on the rocks (like Campari), as a cocktail in a tall glass with muddled fruit and a mixer, or enjoyed with tonic or a dry ginger ale and garnished with citrus and herbs of your choice.

Favorite Recipe

Pour single or double measure of Ruby Gin over lots of ice (4-6 blocks)
Add equal measure of Tonic (we recommend Fitch & Leedes)
Garnish with slice or two of sweet orange and a sprig of garden thyme.


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