What we make

As a small, but well-equipped distillery, Deep South is able to manufacture and bottle almost any kind of spirit. We experiment continuously with processes, ingredients, and recipes as a way of mastering both the science of craft spirits and the art.

Not all products make it to the market: some are not to the standard we want, or we are uncertain about the sustainability or viability of the botanicals, while others are for limited release or for use in tours and workshops in the distillery itself.

Our focus at the moment is on white spirits, mainly gin, rum and vodkas. And there is the odd schnapps, liqueur, or flavoured vodka that may appear from time to time! We plan to do limited releases of some aged spirits in 2020.

Our production consists of:
• Spirits we make bottle under our own brand
• Corporate gift boxes, gift packs, garnishes and other promotional items
• Spirits we make for other brands (Contract distillation)

Spirits Bottled
under the Deep South label

Cape Dry Gin

The Cape Dry Gin is a beautifully balanced, juniper-forward gin made in a classic dry gin style, but with additional botanicals grown and harvested in the Cape Peninsula. These mountain buchus add lovely herbal and floral aromas and flavours.

This gin was awarded a Double Gold medal at the Michelangelo International Wines and Spirits Awards in 2017 – two months before we officially opened our doors to sell our products

Available in 750ml, 500ml (gift box) and 200ml sizes

Ruby Gin

This gorgeous ruby-coloured gin is our play-time gin. Made in a floral style, and infused with the beautiful colours and subtle aromas of hibiscus, this gin invites you to be creative in your choices of mixers and garnishes.

The Gin was awarded gold in 2018 by the SA Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards.

Available in 750ml, 500ml (gift box) and 200ml sizes

Gift boxes, gift packs,
garnishes and other promotional items

Branded Copa-style gin glass

Looking for the perfect glass for your perfect G&T? The Copa style of gin glass, popularised in Spain, allows the aromas and complexity of your favourite gin cocktail to emerge onto the nose and palate. The 585ml capacity is exactly right for a double G&T – not too big, not too small.

Gin Gift Boxes

Available in wooden presentation box or a plain white presentation pack, the gift box allows you to select your own contents. Choose from two 750ml bottles of gin, a bottle and a Copa Gin glass, or two glasses.

This item can be branded with your corporate brand as a gift.

Spirits we make for other brands
(contract distillation)

We do contract distillation for other brands and businesses, and we can supply bulk ready-made spirits or customised recipe spirits under certain conditions, provided that the correct licences are in place.

Please send us an enquiry (form needed). Since each contract would be different, we are unable to supply prices and quantities until we know what it is that you require, so please be as specific as you can in your enquiry and we will do our very best to assist you.

Enquiry for bulk or contract distillation

Do you really want to make your own spirits?

The common perception is that the craft spirits industry is a way to make easy money, but in truth, if it is done legally, quite the opposite can be true. As a legal working distillery, there are things we can do and things we can’t, and inevitably the more we make to order, the larger the volumes have to be. When approaching us, please take the following into account

- It is illegal to sell liquor without a licence, and it may be illegal to serve liquor without a licence except at a private event.
- We may not sell liquor to a person if we know or suspect that that person intends to resell the liquor without the appropriate licence
- We do not undertake any contracts that are not strictly legal.
- In terms of the Western Cape Liquor Act we may not sell more than 150 litres of liquor per day to a member of the public unless he/she has obtained prior permission from the Presiding Officer of the Western Cape Liquor Authority to purchase more than said quantity.
- There are different kinds of licence, but in a nutshell:
o If you want to make your own spirits, you will need a micro-manufacturers licence, which requires a distillery
o If you want to sell to the public, you will need an on-consumption licence (for a bar, restaurant, B&B), or an off consumption licence (bottle store, retailer or online) or an event licence (for a festival or event)
o If you want to sell to the trade (e.g. have your own label/brand which you sell to licenced premises), then the easiest is to apply for a distributors licence which can take just a few weeks. We can make your spirits for you, and you can distribute them.
o In addition, if you are making, bottling, blending, repackaging, exporting, etc you will probably need to register with SARS for Excise, Import and Export, VAT and Income tax.