Recipe - Cosmopolitan

A light fruity vodka martini-style drink, quick and easy to make, and very refreshing. Vary the amount of cranberry to create a sweeter or drier cocktail.

Vodka and Cranberry

Vodka & Cranberry cocktail

Simple but delicious, this mix of Deep South Premium Vodka and cranberry juice is a refreshing, easy-to-pour cooler on a warm day.

Vodka Sour

Vodka Sour Cocktail

A typical sour cocktail, this Vodka Sour combines the delicious sweet-tart taste of sweetened lime and vodka, topped with frothy egg-white.

Moscow Mule

Recipe - Moscow mule cocktail

The Moscow Mule is traditionally served in a copper mug or a jam jar. Simply made, this delicious spicy cocktail dates back to World War II.

Chilli Maria

Chilli Maria cocktail

A wonderfully spicy version of the Bloody Mary, this delicious cocktail has just the right amount of bite from the chilli, with authentic chilli flavours blending with the rich tomato base

Chilli Vodka Hot Chocolate

Recipe - Chilli Vodka Hot Chocolate

A warming drink with a spectacular chocolate and chilli blend. Made with Deep South Chilli hot Vodka, this drink will definitely leave you in a good mood with a warm feeling in your chest!

Rum Mojito

Recipe - Rum Mojito cocktail

A refreshing, light rum cocktail with aromatic Deep South Premium White Rum, fragrant lime, fresh mint and sparkling soda water

Zanzibar Sunset

Zanzibar Dawn cocktail

Inspired by sunsets on Zanzibar, this cocktail features Deep South Spice Island Gin, paired with Indian Tonic, sweet ruby grapefruit and just a touch of cranberry juice to create a spicy, delicious tropical cocktail.

Gin Bokkie

Recipe - Gin Bokkie Cocktail

Our take on the classic Gin Buck: a gin and ginger ale with your own creative mixology. See how a simple change of garnish brings out the extraordinary range of the Deep South Spice Island Gin, and creates quite a different drink.

Ruby Negroni

Recipe - Ruby Negroni

A classic pre-dinner gin cocktail, Ruby Gin perfectly lifts the bitter Italian Campari and sweet vermouth, with a touch of sweetness from the fresh orange, for an elegant, sophisticated and timeless gin drink.