Classic Absinthe Frappe

Classic Absinthe Frappe cocktail

The Absinthe Frappe is a refreshing New Orleans-style cocktail: a clean, refreshing powerful mix of absinthe, ice, sugar and mint.

Rock Shandy

Rock Shandy non-alcoholic cocktail

Invented right here in South Africa, this classic drink is a refreshing choice to enjoy by the pool or at a braai, and uses only three ingredients combined together: lemonade, soda water, and aromatic bitters. Add a slice of lemon or a lemon peel twist to make it fancy and enjoy!


Gin Fitzgerald cocktail

The Fitzgerald is a sophisticated, light citrus-flavoured cocktail with a splash of aromatic bitters to make it interesting. Like a gin sour without the froth!

This cocktail, invented by Dale DeGroff in 2002, is named for the famous writer of the same name. Although a recent invention, its light classic flavours hearken back cocktails of the pre-prohibition era.

Suffering Bastard

Suffering Bastard cocktail

A potent flavour explosion of Amber Rum, Citrus Gin, lime juice, aromatic bitters and ginger beer, our version of this classic drink is a guaranteed pick-me-up!

Gin Sour

Gin Sour cocktail

Light, refreshing, and with a lot of punch, the Gin Sour is one of the original ‘sour’ cocktails, and has been enjoyed in a similar manner since the late 1800s.

This recipe combines delicious Deep South Citrus Gin, sweet-sour lemon and aromatic bitters topped with frothy egg-white for a mouth-watering refreshing lemony hit!

Pegu Club

Pegu Club cocktail

Strong, sophisticated, with a refreshing citrusy herbal finish lifted by the addition of both aromatic and orange bitters to create complexity and spice.

Zombie #9

Zombie #9 Cocktail

The most well-known origin story of the cocktail’s name suggests that mixologist Donn Beach created the Zombie in an attempt to cure the hangover of one of his regulars.

When Beach later asked how his cure had worked, the customer allegedly said it had made him feel like a ‘zombie.’

The Zombie is a typical Tiki-style cocktail made with rum, fruit juice and sweetener. Strong, with big flavours, this cocktail is a party in a glass all by itself.

Orange Bitters Martini

Orange Bitters Martini cocktail

Nowadays, most martinis you order at a bar won’t contain bitters, but the original recipe was actually made with equal parts gin, dry vermouth and a couple dashes of orange bitters! Enjoy this classic cocktail in its (almost) original form, just as James Bond would like it!

Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail

One of many recipes conceived to revive one after a night out partying, this strong but flavourful cocktail merges herbal aniseed flavours with fragrant citrus.

Green Beast

Green Beast cocktail

A surprising and unusual absinthe cocktail. Delicious as a single drink, and equally tasty as a punch in a bowl to get your party started!