Tropical Heat Fruit Cocktail

Tropical Heat cocktail

An exotic combination of chilli vodka and passion fruit, spiked with fresh lime, aromatic mint and smooth spicy ginger Ale. Sipping it conjures up images of tropical beach bars on far-flung palm fringed Caribbean beaches

Hot Sex on the Beach

Hot Sex on the Beach cocktail

Our take on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail, made with Chilii Vodka. Perfect for those hot summer days (and hot summer nights)

Chilli Maria

Chilli Maria cocktail

A wonderfully spicy version of the Bloody Mary, this delicious cocktail has just the right amount of bite from the chilli, with authentic chilli flavours blending with the rich tomato base

Chilli Vodka Hot Chocolate

Recipe - Chilli Vodka Hot Chocolate

A warming drink with a spectacular chocolate and chilli blend. Made with Deep South Chilli hot Vodka, this drink will definitely leave you in a good mood with a warm feeling in your chest!