Contract Distilling and Private Labels

We offer a range of distilling services to third parties.  Broadly speaking, our contract distilling client base falls into one of three categories:

  • Private Label Clients who are looking for their own exclusive branded spirit to enhance their own brand, whether it be a club, lodge, hotel, festival or event, or as a corporate gift. If the spirits are intended for resale, the client will do it through their own liquor licence.
  • White Label clients who are looking for their own brand for the purposes of resale, usually through retail or online channels. Their typical role is as a distributor.
  • Contract Distilling services clients: These clients tend to do large volumes and want to outsource part of their production process to us, or enter into joint ventures. Projects include importing, reprocessing, blending or bottling bulk spirits for the local market, or distilling surplus wine for a wine farm for ageing into brandy.


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