Contract Distilling and Private Labels

We offer a range of distilling services to third parties seeking to create their own brand of spirits.  

Broadly speaking, our contract distilling client base falls into one of three categories:

  • Private Label Clients who are looking for their own exclusive branded spirit to enhance their own brand, whether it be a club, lodge, hotel, festival or event, or as a corporate gift. If the spirits are intended for resale, the client will do it through their own liquor licence.  Normally these clients will select one of our pre-made spirits to be bottled under their own brand.
  • White Label clients who are looking for their own brand for the purposes of resale, usually through retail or online channels. Their typical role is as a distributor.  These clients also frequently select one of our own spirits to be bottled under their brand.
  • Custom Distilling services clients: These clients tend to do large volumes and want to outsource part of their production process to us, or enter into joint ventures. Projects include importing, reprocessing, blending or bottling bulk spirits for the local market, or distilling surplus wine for a wine farm for ageing into brandy.
  • Bulk sales:   We are able to make and sell spirits in bulk containers.  We regret that this service is only available to customers with the appropriate licences.  


Recipe Development 

We are able to develop and manufacture a specific unique recipe for you, especially in spirits like gins, liqueurs and other spirits where flavours are easily obtained through infusion, ginning or blending.  Note that recipe-making is expensive.  Because of this, it is common practice to select pre-made premium alcohols of the appropriate quality and type for white-labelling or private labelling.  

Quick feasibility assessment

There are a few practical issues to consider when you are seeking to use our Contract Distilling services to create your own brand of spirits for you. 

  • Minimum order quantities:    If you select one of our existing premium stock spirits and use one of our pre-selected bottle types,  supplying only the label, we can handle an order as small as 12 bottles.  The price you will pay will be higher than an off-the-shelf craft spirit, but you will have a spirit bottled under your own brand.  To obtain discounted spirits under your own brand, the MOQ is 120 bottles for stock spirits and  360 bottles for your own spirits recipe or non-stock spirits.    

  • Liquor licences:  You do not need a liquor licence to buy Private Label spirits from us.  But you do need the appropriate liquor licence in order to sell or supply these spirits.  Bars, restaurants and similarly licenced premises may sell their own-branded spirits for on-site consumption.  Licenced retailers ( e.g. bottle stores – including online liquor sales) can sell their own-branded spirits under their off-consumption licence.   Event organisers may sell alcohol under their temporary event licence.    None of these licences allow the licence-holder to manufacture alcohol, only to sell it.    

    In most instances, our white-label clients apply for a Distributors Licence if they do not already have a licence.  This allows them to buy and sell alcohol – including their own brand –  to licence-holders (the trade)as well as licenced online retailers.   This type of licence does not permit sales to the public. 
  • Pricing:    Our pricing is quoted per bottle.  Prices depend very much on order quantities, the quality and type of spirit and the quality of the packaging.  Our price per bottle decreases substantially as order size increases, because the costs of production are able to be spread over a larger batch.   Orders of 1200 bottles or more are significantly less expensive, per bottle, than smaller orders.    

  • Costs that are factored into the price of every bottle of spirit sold in South Africa  include raw materials, manufacturing costs, Excise Duty, bottle, cork (closure), anti-tamper,  labels & labelling, packaging, shipping & delivery, as a start.  You have the option to supply us with your own packaging and bottles for larger MOQ’s.   By far the biggest single component of a bottle of spirit is tax, which on a single 750ml bottle of 43% spirit, is currently R75 for excise duty (sin tax) and VAT (at 15% of sale price.)    

    In our quotation to you we will accurately itemise all of these costs.   The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to proceed.     

In order for us to assist you, please complete the following form to indicate which of our Contract distilling services you are interested in and we will do our very best to help you realise your goals and dreams!

Expression of Interest – Contract Distilling 

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