Spirits we make for other brands

We do contract distillation for other brands and businesses, and we can supply bulk ready-made spirits or customised recipe spirits under certain conditions, provided that the correct licences are in place.

Please send us an enquiry (form needed). Since each contract would be different, we are unable to supply prices and quantities until we know what it is that you require, so please be as specific as you can in your enquiry and we will do our very best to assist you.

Do you really want to
make your own spirits?

The common perception is that the craft spirits industry is a way to make easy money, but in truth, if it is done legally, quite the opposite can be true. As a legal working distillery, there are things we can do and things we can’t, and inevitably the more we make to order, the larger the volumes have to be. When approaching us, please take the following into account

– It is illegal to sell liquor without a licence, and it may be illegal to serve liquor without a licence except at a private event.
– We may not sell liquor to a person if we know or suspect that that person intends to resell the liquor without the appropriate licence
– We do not undertake any contracts that are not strictly legal.
– In terms of the Western Cape Liquor Act we may not sell more than 150 litres of liquor per day to a member of the public unless he/she has obtained prior permission from the Presiding Officer of the Western Cape Liquor Authority to purchase more than said quantity.
– There are different kinds of licence, but in a nutshell:
o If you want to make your own spirits, you will need a micro-manufacturers licence, which requires a distillery
o If you want to sell to the public, you will need an on-consumption licence (for a bar, restaurant, B&B), or an off consumption licence (bottle store, retailer or online) or an event licence (for a festival or event)
o If you want to sell to the trade (e.g. have your own label/brand which you sell to licenced premises), then the easiest is to apply for a distributors licence which can take just a few weeks. We can make your spirits for you, and you can distribute them.
o In addition, if you are making, bottling, blending, repackaging, exporting, etc you will probably need to register with SARS for Excise, Import and Export, VAT and Income tax.