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Coming up for our first anniversary

Well, only a year since the last post! Let no-one say this business is for sissies! What a year it has been since we opened our doors in December 2017. What began as a retirement project has grown into something a little more substantial. And it has been a year of highs and lows as we learn about the industry, its products and its peculiarities. As I write, I am sitting in Sydney, Australia, here to attend the Australian Distillers… Read More »Coming up for our first anniversary

Deep South Distillery – On the brink of opening

Well – it’s September 2017, and after nearly two years  of thinking, planning, drinking and getting involved in a myriad of things that have nothing to do with making premium craft spirits, we are nearly at the starting line. Opening a craft distillery, at least on the scale we have set out to do, is not for the faint hearted.! It needs deep pockets, endless patience in dealing with things (people, suppliers and organizations) outside one’s control, and a deep… Read More »Deep South Distillery – On the brink of opening