Cape Dry Fynbos Gin
2023: Gold

Intercontinental Spirits Challenge

2020: Gold

SA Craft Gin Awards

2019: Gin of the Year:

London Spirits Competition

2019: Gold

London Spirits Competition

2019: Gold

SA Craft Gin Competition

2019: Gold

SA Sommelier Trophy

2019: Bronze

Old Mutual Spirits Trophy

2017: Double Gold

Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards

A bold, fragrant, juniper-forward gin made in a classic dry style,  enhanced with herbal botanicals from the unique Cape Floral Kingdom.   An award-winning spirit suited to all of your classic gin cocktails. 

Cape Dry Gin is made from a combination of classic botanicals, distilled and vapour-infused with local “Cape fynbos” found on the mountains around the distillery.

Made only from natural ingredients, the Cape Dry expresses our desire to create a classic dry gin that pays tribute to the astonishing unique Floral Kingdom around us in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula.

Distilled slowly and with great care, the result is beautifully-balanced, juniper-forward gin with a dry citrus and herbal profile. Sustainably harvested mountain buchus, supplemented by those that we cultivate at the distillery, add lovely herbal and floral aromas and flavours.

This multi-award-winning gin is perfectly suited to a classic Gin and Tonic, but its versatility means that it excels in a range of cocktails from a traditional Gin Martini or Negroni, through to more adventurous gin drinks like the Gimlet, the Southside (gin mojito), or even a Gin Hot Toddy for cold winter evenings.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Bright pine and lemon scents underscored by soft herbaceous mountain heathers and a surprising hint of sweet spice

Palate: Flavours from across the juniper spectrum lay the base for sweet, candied citrus and herbal notes from the mountain fynbos

Finish: Sweet honeybush and a hint of pine forest woodiness


Angelica root
Lemon peel
Table Mountain fynbos

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Gin
Colour: Clear 
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 43% 
UPC: 6009880823055

"Fynbos" and the Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom is a rich and tempting source of incredible botanicals well suited to gin-making.  Many of these plants have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples and more recent settlers for tinctures and medicines. 

Fynbos translates into ‘fine bush’ and refers to the range of heather-like plants and shrubs with small leaves found in this floral region.

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the six such kingdoms in the world, and is the only one that exists entirely within a single country. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in South Africa.  More than 8700 plant species are found in a relatively small area (less than 6% of the whole of South Africa).

The area around the distillery in the Cape Peninsula consists mostly of  Fynbos and Renosterveld vegetation types, and contains most of the floral diversity of the floral kingdom.  About 80% of these species are found only in this small area).

Because of their highly localised nature, many hundreds of species are threatened with extinction owing to urban expansion,  alien plant infestation, agricultural expansion and damage from excessive fires. Fynbos needs occasional natural wildfires to propagate, but climate change and unseasonal fires caused by humans eliminate species before new plants have time to seed.

Consequently, we only use and experiment with relatively abundant species, and only harvest our own homegrown or nursery-grown species in our gin.   Our award-winning Cape Dry Gin contains honeybush for flavour and selected agathosma species for their floral and herbal aromas. 

Featured recipes

Recipe - Pineapple Basil Gin and Tonic

Pineapple Gin Fizz

Pineapple and Basil add a fruity and floral flavor to the classic gin and tonic. Deep South Cape Dry Gin infused with fresh basil and ripe pineapple create a fruity summer cocktail you will love!

Recipe - Watermelon Gin Fizz Cocktail

Watermelon Gin Fizz

A beautifully refreshing summer gin cocktail made with Deep South Cape Dry Gin infused with fresh watermelon, lemon juice and mint

Recipe - Fig Gin Fizz cocktail

Vanilla Fig Gin Fizz

Our Vanilla Fig Gin Fizz is a delicious gin cocktail recipe that perfectly marries the sumptuous flavour of fresh ripe fig with tropical vanilla and our premium award-winning Cape Dry gin. Beautiful to look at; beautiful to taste

Deep Southside Cocktail

Deep Southside

This wickedly-delicious Southside Gin Mojito cocktail is a great alternative to the standard Gin & Tonic, especially for gin lovers who are tired of the bitter-sweet taste of Indian Tonic. Perfectly pairs gin, mint and fresh lime.

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