Premium Cape Vodka
2023: Gold Medal

Lumo Awards

Medal ISC 2023 Gold
2023: Gold Medal

Intercontinental Spirits Challenge

Medal Trophy Spirits Show 2023 Bronze
2023: Bronze Medal

Trophy Spirits Show

Medal MichelAngelo Gold 2021 Round
2021: Gold Medal

MichelAngelo International Wine and Spirits competition

Medal IWSC Silver 2021
2021: Silver Medal

International Wine & Spirits Competition London

Medal IWSC Bronze VT 2021
2021: Bronze Medal (Vodka & Tonic category)

International Wine & Spirits Competition London


“A full-bodied vodka with a beautiful silky-smooth mouth feel and aromatic sweet notes. Dangerously delicious as an ice-cold vodka martini, it is also a wonderful base for signature vodka cocktails like the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan or the Vodka Sour.”

Deep South Premium Cape Vodka spirit is a beautiful, smooth, sweet vodka inspired by the cold, clean, clear cobalt waters that lie beneath the wildness of the sea and the skies at the Cape of Storms, at the southern-most tip of Africa. 

Paying tribute to the legend of Adamastor, an ancient Titan imprisoned in the rugged Cape Peninsula, the rough, wild cane spirit is tamed through careful distillation and cold-filtering, and carefully blended with pure water.  The result is a full-bodied vodka with a beautiful silky-smooth mouth feel and aromatic sweet notes for your enjoyment. 

Everything about this spirit is class, from the beautiful original bottle to the smooth sweet mouth feel with just a hint of the fire within, this spirit positively glows in the bottle!

Enjoy straight up, as cold as possible, with twist of lemon peel. Or add to your favourite mixer to create a delicious cocktail with a touch of pure class.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Clean crisp aroma.  Prominent herbal nose with notes of carraway and cumin. .

Palate:  The palate opens to more earthy and grassy flavours and smooth dairy characters, with smooth mouth feel

Finish: Clean long finish that does not fade

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Vodka
Colour: Clear
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 43% 
UPC: 6009880823222

Adamastor, Ancient Titan, imprisoned in rock at the Cape of Storms

The legend of Adamastor - Cape of Storms

At the southernmost tip of Africa, at a place they call the Cape of Storms, lies the jutting spur of an ancient mountain, one of the oldest on earth.

Battered by the great storms that sweep eastward, and scoured by the icy cold currents of freezing clear Antarctic waters as they flow northwards up the west coast of Africa, this is a wild place.

Legends tell that when the winds and the storms roll over the jutting peninsula, that it is Adamastor, an ancient Titan imprisoned inside the storm-lashed stone cliffs for all eternity as a punishment for his rebellion against the ancient gods. Trapped and enraged, Adamastor endlessly unleashes his fury upon ships and sailors alike.

This beautiful vodka is inspired equally by both the wildness of the seas and skies at the stormy tip of Africa, and the deep, clear, cold waters that lie beneath the surging tempestuousness above.

A rough, wild spirit, distilled from sweet sugar cane has been tamed with careful skill and captured in this bottle for your enjoyment.

The result is a delicious full bodied vodka with a silky-smooth mouth feel and aromatic sweet notes that almost (but not quite) conceal the spirit’s fiery heart.

Featured recipes

Vodka Sour Cocktail

Vodka Sour

A typical sour cocktail, this Vodka Sour combines the delicious sweet-tart taste of sweetened lime and vodka, topped with frothy egg-white.

Recipe - Moscow mule cocktail

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is traditionally served in a copper mug or a jam jar. Simply made, this delicious spicy cocktail dates back to World War II.

Recipe - Classic Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini

Deceptively simple to make, but hard to get right, this great cocktail requires ice-cold silky smooth Deep South Premium Vodka served in a frozen glass and garnished with perfectly fresh ingredients!

Manufactured by Deep South Distillery
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+27 21 783 0129