Ruby Floral Gin
SA Womens Wine & Spirits Gold
2018: Gold medal

South African Women's Wine and Spirits Association


Angelica root
Lemon Peel
Orris Root
Cassia Bark
Rose Pelargonium

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Gin
Colour: Ruby Red
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 43% 
UPC: 6009880823062

Rose-scented geranium

A gorgeous and hugely popular gin, Ruby is a flavourful aromatic gin made in a contemporary floral style, with rose and lavender dominant.  

Its bright ruby colour invites you to experiment and play with flavours and mixers to create an assortment of beautiful and creative cocktails.

Ruby Gin is our fun gin although some of its fans call it our ‘naughty’ gin:  when we launched it it broke all the rules for “what a gin should be”!    And despite her gorgeous appearance, Ruby is all natural – no fake or synthetic ingredients for this lady!  Ruby is a thoroughly modern, floral-style ruby-pink gin!


The gin is first distilled with juniper berries, honeybush, citrus and a hint of cassia  to provide the deeper, darker fruity low notes that are then lifted by steam-infused rose pelargonium and lavender blossoms. The colour is derived from an infusion with hibiscus flowers, which also lend subtle mysterious notes to the floral bouquet.   


The gin is made slightly dry and slightly bitter, to create a balanced and aromatic contemporary-style gin and tonic for adventurous gin-lovers, and it makes the most beautiful fragrant pink cocktails.  


Equally delicious sipped Campari-style, served as a cocktail in a tall glass withmuddled fruit and a mixer, or enjoyed with tonic or ginger ale.   Ruby Gin goes especially well when paired with inventive floral tonics, and excels when garnished with sweet seasonal citrus or berries.

This is a gin that invites bold experimentation and is superb with floral or citrus flavoured tonics, garnished with abundant sweet citrus or berries and beautiful edible flowers. 

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Top notes of rose and citrus on a scented herbaceous lavender background, spiked with sweet spice.

Palate: Juniper and lavender combine on the mid-palate, encased in Turkish Delight flavours from the pelargonium. Complexity and density provided by the honeybush and spices

Finish: Deep berry jam and fynbos linger with sweet spice and persistent lavender

The versatile Rose-scented Geranium

One of the key botanicals in Ruby Gin is rose-scented geranium, which we grow ourselves in pots around the distillery.  It is the ingredient that gives the gin its subtle rose or Turkish Delight aromas.   

There are a number of different species that have medicinal and herbal uses.  Pelargonium Graveolens is endemic to the mountains of the Western Cape and forms part of the unique Cape Floral Kingdom.   Although the majority of pelargoniums are native to the Western Cape, they are now cultivated widely around the world for their geranium oil, which is used in perfumery and essential oils industries.

Leaves and flowers are both edible. The leaves are used in salads, stewed fruit dishes and in culinary decoration.  It is used as a tonic, anti-depressant, analgesic, diuretic, sedative and deodorant!  Rose Pelargonium tea will calm, relax and alleviate stress.  So next time you relax at sunset with your Ruby Hibiscus Gin and Tonic, you know what ingredient is causing you to feel so calm!


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A little spicy, a little sweet, a little pink and very refreshing: Deep South Ruby Gin with ginger ale, pomegranate and mint

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Manufactured by Deep South Distillery
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+27 21 783 0129