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Social media and the internet have created wonderful opportunities for sharing of information and experiences and we are grateful for the kinds words and reviews of many people who have visited us and written blogs and reviews.

Here is just a sample.  If you are the author and you would like us to reference you, please let us know.

South African Gin

by Jared Ranahan – Distiller Magazine : 31 August 2020

A write-up of some South African gins.

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Deep South Craft Distillery bied meer as net bekroonde jenewers!

by Staff reporter – Die Burger : 3 April 2019

An article in Die Burger Life Style magaine.  Translated from Afrikaans the title reads: “Deep South Craft Distillery offers more than just award-winning gins”.  The article describes our value offering as gin, fun and knowledge sharing – all in equal measure. 

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Inaugural South African Spirits Trophy results announced

by Jean Vincent Ridon – 31 January 2019

Announcement of the results of the SA Spirits Trophy, at which the Cape Dry Gin won Gold. 

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The Hidden Gems of Cape Town 

by Andrew Thompson – Culture Trip 14 November 2018

Whatever gin experience you are looking for, from distilleries to bars, Andrew gives an insightful guide to 7 destinations to suit everyone in and around Cape Town. Read full article

Spoilt for Choice at Deep South Distillery

by Dorria Watt – IOL Online: 3 August March 2018

A wonderful, informative and insightful writeup of our distillery by Dorria

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10 Undiscovered Secrets of the Southern Cape Peninsula 

by Ankia Wolf – Travelground 12 July 2018

The Deep South has some great attractions, loved and frequented by locals.  Ankia describes 10 wonderful things to do that are perhaps a little off the tourist route. Read full article

Move over craft beer, craft gin is moving in

by Steve Kretzmann – City Press: 4 March 2018

Steve provides an analysis of the craft gin industry as it stood in 2018.  While an interesting read in the trends which continue unabated, the industry is moving so fast that some of the facts and figures, and even personalities and distilleries are now out of date.

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13 glorious gin experiences in and around Cape Town for all budgets 

by Rachel Robinson – Getaway Online. 26 February 2018

Rachel reviews 4 Gin Craft Distilleries and 9 specialist gin bars all over the cape Peninsula.

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Distillery in the Deep South 

by Craig Strachan – Notes from the Cape. 2 January 2018

A long time blogger about his life and experiences, Craig gives a insight into his tasting and tour of Deep South Distillery.  Read full article

It’s a Rum thing: Cape Town’s Rum Revolution 

by Richard Holmes – We Are Africa: 4 August 2017

Richard writes about Cape Town’s first Rum Bars featuring small-batch handcrafted local Rums.

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5 Unique South African Gins you should definitely try!

by staff reporter – All4Women Lifestyle feature: March 14 2018

A nice little cover article about some interesting craft distilleries.  Like the pic they have for us – a new recipe in our recipe-making still. 

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