Double Trouble Gift set

AMAZING VALUE GIFT SET. 2 x 750ml bottles of award-winning Gin. Choose from  our Cape Dry, Ruby or Spice Island gins or just double up and get two of the same.




This amazing value gift pack containing two 750ml bottles selected from our range of award-winning gins.   Cover your bases in your bar with options for classic gin cocktails the traditional way, or explore the world of contemporary gin cocktails with their amazing colours, flavours and garnishes.

The Cape Dry, winner of many medals,  is perfect with classic gin cocktails such as a gin Martini or a Gin & Tonic (but also does a wicked Deep Southside gin mojito)

Our Ruby Gin is designed for the new exciting range of flavoured tonics and mixers, especially when garnished with sweet seasonal fruit like strawberries or a slice of orange. It makes a gorgeous pink gin cocktail and a spectacular Negroni.

Spice Island Gin, our latest offering and available as a pre-release sampler, is inspired by the flavours of the spices found on Zanzibar.  It is a beautifully smooth sipping gin with complex spice flavours that linger on the tongue.   Designed to take you to the exotic side, it is subtle and sweet with Indian Tonic and a slice of Ruby Grapefruit.  Add a splash of cranberry juice for something really, really special

Our Double Trouble Gin pack comes packed in a handsome gift box set.

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Pair o' Cape Dry, Pair o' Ruby, Pair o' Spice Island, Cape Dry & Ruby, Cape Dry & Spice Island, Ruby & Spice Island