Chilli Vodka

Deep South Chilli Vodka is crafted in small batches from triple-distilled pure cane spirit infused with carefully ripened sun-dried chillies. Its creamy smooth mouth-feel and authentic chilli flavours with just the right amount of heat will make the best Bloody Mary you ever tasted.


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Deep South Chilli Vodka is crafted in small batches from triple-distilled purecane spirit infused with carefully selected and ripened sun-dried chillies. Its creamy smoothmouth-feel and authentic chilli flavours make the world’s very best spicy Bloody Mary.

Our specification for this spirit was: “Authentic chilli flavours with no tears, no sweat,  and just a warm feeling in the chest” and this chilli really hits the spot!   The selection of chillis we use, and the ripening, seed removal and infusion process give the spirit a Scoville Heat score of around 25000 SHU’s – about the heat of a stuffed jalopeno pepper – ot too hot and not too mild.

Chilli lovers will enjoy sipping it served straight-up at room temperature in a shot glass, with a twist of lime.  Its signature drink is the Bloody Mary, made simply with the chilli vodka, tomato juice and a sprinkle of salt.  The simplicity and balance of the flavours are amazing – no need to add any of the rest of the condiments!  Try sipping a shot as an accompaniment to a sushi meal (warm the vodka slightly), or with your favourite casserole or tomato-based soup.

And for those into winter sports a splash of chilli vodka added to a creamy hot chocolate garnished with slivers of orange chocolate or toasted marshmallows makes for a spectacular winter fireside drink.

SKU Name Chilli Vodka 750ml
Product type Spirit
Product class Spirit Aperitif
Alc/vol 43%
Size 750ml
Style/profile Flavoured Vodka
Colour Pale gold

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