Gin Fitzgerald cocktail

The Fitzgerald is a sophisticated, light citrus-flavoured cocktail with a splash of aromatic bitters to make it interesting. Like a gin sour without the froth!

This cocktail, invented by Dale DeGroff in 2002, is named for the famous writer of the same name. Although a recent invention, its light classic flavours hearken back cocktails of the pre-prohibition era.

Suffering Bastard

Suffering Bastard cocktail

A potent flavour explosion of Amber Rum, Citrus Gin, lime juice, aromatic bitters and ginger beer, our version of this classic drink is a guaranteed pick-me-up!

Gin Sour

Gin Sour cocktail

Light, refreshing, and with a lot of punch, the Gin Sour is one of the original ‘sour’ cocktails, and has been enjoyed in a similar manner since the late 1800s.

This recipe combines delicious Deep South Citrus Gin, sweet-sour lemon and aromatic bitters topped with frothy egg-white for a mouth-watering refreshing lemony hit!

Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon cocktail

This heady blend of absinthe and Champagne was created by the absinthe-loving Ernest Hemingway, and shares its name with his book about Spanish bullfighting. It is aptly named!