Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling Cocktail

This wonderful tropical gin punch, made with Deep South Three Citrus Gin, perfectly matches sweet and sour fruity ingredients with aromatic gin to create the ultimate summer party cocktail.

Tom Collins Cocktail

Tom Collins Cocktail

A cocktail whose origins are both fascinating and contested, nevertheless perfectly suited to our refreshing Three Citrus Gin

Dry Gin Bitters Martini

Classic Gin & Bitters Martini

Deep South Three Citrus Gin is a spirit completely made for for the Dry Martini. Add a dash of your favourite bitters and add a creative garnish of citrus or savoury for a wickedly delicious cocktail.

Chilli Peach Martini

Cocktail - Chilli Martini

A sultry smooth Gin cocktail made with sumptuous peach nectar, fresh chilli and Spice Island Gin. Serve ice cold. The rich velvet mouth feel of a good peach juice, can sustain a triple shot of spirit for a real kick.

Gin Bluebird

Recipe - Gin Bluebird Cocktail

A beautiful, refreshing gin cocktail with a hint of spice and blueberries. A sweet cocktail, perfectly lightened with the grapefruit garnish. Catches the eye at every party!

Classic Gin Martini

Recipe - Classic Gin Martini Cocktail

The perfect Classic Gin Martini, made with Cape Dry Gin, a dash of vermouth and the traditional citrus and olive garnish.

Berry Mint Gin Smash

Recipe - Berry Gin Mint Smash

Loaded with your favourite fresh berries , mint with a double shot of fragrant floral Ruby Gin, this cocktail is a favourite. Try it with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries

Gin Bokkie

Recipe - Gin Bokkie Cocktail

Our take on the classic Gin Buck: a gin and ginger ale with your own creative mixology. See how a simple change of garnish brings out the extraordinary range of the Deep South Spice Island Gin, and creates quite a different drink.

Ruby Negroni

Recipe - Ruby Negroni

A classic pre-dinner gin cocktail, Ruby Gin perfectly lifts the bitter Italian Campari and sweet vermouth, with a touch of sweetness from the fresh orange, for an elegant, sophisticated and timeless gin drink.

Pineapple Gin and Rosemary

Recipe - Pineapple Gin and Rosemary

This sweet/savoury gin cocktail made with Deep South Cape Dry gin, pineapple and lime juice makes a sophisticated, delicious evening cocktail or sundowner in any season.