Classic Absinthe Frappe

Classic Absinthe Frappe cocktail

The Absinthe Frappe is a refreshing New Orleans-style cocktail: a clean, refreshing powerful mix of absinthe, ice, sugar and mint.

Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail

One of many recipes conceived to revive one after a night out partying, this strong but flavourful cocktail merges herbal aniseed flavours with fragrant citrus.

Green Beast

Green Beast cocktail

A surprising and unusual absinthe cocktail. Delicious as a single drink, and equally tasty as a punch in a bowl to get your party started!

Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon cocktail

This heady blend of absinthe and Champagne was created by the absinthe-loving Ernest Hemingway, and shares its name with his book about Spanish bullfighting. It is aptly named!

Minty Green Fairy

Minty Green Fairy cocktail

This refreshing mojito-style absinthe cocktail perfectly marries sweet liquorice, tart lime and fresh mint with a bit of fizz, perfect on a hot day