Chilli Peach Martini

Chilli Martini Cocktail

A sultry smooth Gin cocktail made with sumptuous peach nectar, fresh chilli and Spice Island Gin. Serve ice cold. The rich velvet mouth feel of a good peach juice, can sustain a triple shot of spirit for a real kick.

Celebration Spiced Gin Punch

Spice Gin Punch Cocktail

Combine the sweet spice aromas of Spice Island gin and selected garnishes with fresh fruit juice of your choice for a festive party punch. Always delicious!

Something Old, Something New

Something Old Something New cocktail

“Something Old Something New” combines sweet and sour flavours with a sublime gin, aromatic lime and fresh lemonade for an unforgettable cocktail

Zanzibar Sunset

Zanzibar Dawn cocktail

Inspired by sunsets on Zanzibar, this cocktail features Deep South Spice Island Gin, paired with Indian Tonic, sweet ruby grapefruit and just a touch of cranberry juice to create a spicy, delicious tropical cocktail.

Gin Bokkie

Recipe - Gin Bokkie Cocktail

Our take on the classic Gin Buck: a gin and ginger ale with your own creative mixology. See how a simple change of garnish brings out the extraordinary range of the Deep South Spice Island Gin, and creates quite a different drink.

Gin Hot Toddy

Recipe - Gin Hot Toddy

Our Gin Hot Toddy is a wonderfully-warming hot drink made with Cape Dry Gin, fresh lemon juice and honey, topped with boiling water and spices.

Gin Dragonfly Cocktail

Recipe - Dragonfly cocktail

A lovely, spicy, refreshing cocktail made with herbal Deep South Cape Dry Gin, ginger ale and a hint of aromatic fresh lime.