In Search of the Perfect Bloody Mary

Chilli Maria cocktail

As one of my favourite cocktails at any time of day, and after having tasted a really good Bloody Mary cocktail made with a peppery vodka during London cocktail week, I was determined to make a great vodka that would make a delicious spicy Bloody Mary without all the fussy trimmings. In Deep South Chilli Vodka I think we have done that: hot, spicy, authentic chilli, and just amazing when blended with sumptuous, rich tomato juice. Yum!

Vodka Martini

Recipe - Classic Vodka Martini

Deceptively simple to make, but hard to get right, this great cocktail requires ice-cold silky smooth Deep South Premium Vodka served in a frozen glass and garnished with perfectly fresh ingredients!

Chilli Maria

Chilli Maria cocktail

A wonderfully spicy version of the Bloody Mary, this delicious cocktail has just the right amount of bite from the chilli, with authentic chilli flavours blending with the rich tomato base