Deep South Distillery

Deep South Distillery

Why is the penguin upside down?​

African Penguin logo for Deep South Distillery

One of the quirky things about us is our upside-down penguin. 

The penguin as a logo was conceptualised by a young woman who lives in the Ukraine.  Her reasoning was that if you live in the Deep South in the southern hemisphere, then your penguins are going to be  hanging upside down, on the bottom of the world!  If there were penguins in the Arctic, they would of course be upright!

We are not sure what gender your penguin is (and it is notoriously difficult to sex a penguin anyway so we are quite pleased we don’t know the answer to that). 

And it does not have a name yet, but there’s a competition in there somewhere to ask our fans and followers to help us complete his/her identity.

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