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Welcome to the website of Deep South Distillery. We are the newest, most southerly craft distillery on the Cape Peninsula and specialise in small batch, hand-crafted spirits made with love, care and pride. We offer tastings, distillery tours and sales, and invite you to pay us a visit, but please help us by making an appointment or phoning first, as we may be hard at work distilling or bottling delectable spirits for your enjoyment. We are also open for private tastings and events in the evenings, and offer a range of other activities.

Our products

Cape Dry Gin

Cape Dry Gin

A bold, fragrant juniper-forward gin made in a classic dry style, but enhanced with floral and herbal botanicals from the unique Cape floral kingdom.

Ruby Gin

Ruby Gin

A flavourful aromatic gin made in a pronounced floral style. Heady scents of rose and lavender blend with the deeper, darker fruity notes of honeybush lifted by the exotic scent of hibiscus.

Branded Copa-style gin glass

Branded Copa-style gin glass

Looking for the perfect glass for your perfect G&T? The Copa style of gin glass, popularised in Spain, allows the aromas and complexity of your favourite gin cocktail to emerge onto the nose and palate. The 585ml capacity is exactly right for a double G&T – not too big, not too small.

Gin Gift Boxes

Gin Gift Boxes

Available in wooden presentation box or a plain white presentation pack, the gift box allows you to select your own contents. Choose from two 750ml bottles of gin, a bottle and a Copa Gin glass, or two glasses.

This item can be branded with your corporate brand as a gift.


Ruby Gin, Ice, Ginger ale, Grapefruit, Grapefruit Peel, Cucumber

Double tot of Ruby Gin (50ml)


Tin Ginger ale

Grapefruit slice on the side

Grapefruit Peel for garnishing

Cucumber for garnishing

Ruby Hibiscus Gin and Tonic
Ruby Gin, Flavoured Tonic, Orange, Thyme. Ice

Shorter Glass

Double shot of Ruby Gin


Don’t be shy with the Tonic

Orange (twisted)

The stem of thyme for Garnish

Dirty Gin Martini
Dry Gin, Olives, Campari Martini, Splash of Amuth 

(Use a Chilled glass)


Double shot of Gin (50ml)

2 x Olives on a Long Toothpick

Shot of Campari Martini

Splash of Amuth


Add some brine from the Olives to taste

Strawberry Gin Smash
Ruby Gin, Sugar syrup, Ice, Soda water, Mint (or decorate with Pomegranate, or Cherries) 
  1. Use long glass

    Smash 3 Strawberries,

    Double tot of Ruby Gin (50ml)

    Half a tot of Sugar Syrup (25ml)

    Stir the Drink


    Soda water

    Garnish with the Mint or/and Pomegranate/Cherries

Gin Mojito

(Lime, Sugar syrup, Mint, Dry Gin, Ice (Gin is the substitute for Rum in this case)

Martini Glass

Double tot of Gin (50ml)

Sugar Syrup (25ml)

Mint 6 to 8 leaves for mixing and one or two for garnish

Lime in Quarters

Cocktail shaker

Crushed Lime

Sodawater to taste

Lime on the Side


Shake the drink in the Shaker and pour, and garnish


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