Chilli-infused Vodka

“A smooth, creamy spicy vodka with warming authentic chilli flavours and aromas, and just a hint of chipotle smokiness makes the
best Bloody Mary you ever tasted”

Deep South Chilli Vodka is crafted in small batches from triple-distilled purecane spirit infused with carefully selected and ripened sun-dried chillies. Its creamy smoothmouth-feel and authentic chilli flavours make the world’s very best spicy Bloody Mary.

Our specification for this spirit was: “Authentic chilli flavours with no tears, no sweat,  and just a warm feeling in the chest” and this chilli really hits the spot!   The selection of chillis we use, and the ripening, seed removal and infusion process give the spirit a Scoville Heat score of around 25000 SHU’s – about the heat of a stuffed jalopeno pepper –  ot too hot and not too mild.  

Chilli lovers will enjoy sipping it served straight-up  at room temperature in a shot glass, with a twist of lime.  Its signature drink is the Bloody Mary, made simply with the chilli vodka, tomato juice and a sprinkle of salt.  The simplicity and balance of the flavours are amazing – no need to add any of the rest of the condiments!  Try sipping a shot as an accompaniment to a sushi meal (warm the vodka slightly), or with your favourite casserole or tomato-based soup.   

And for those into winter sports a splash of chilli vodka added to a creamy hot chocolate garnished with slivers of orange chocolate or toasted marshmallows makes for a spectacular winter fireside  drink.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Clean aroma overlaid with malty notes and a hint of smoked chilli 

Palate:  Warming chilli bite, with full-bodied authentic chilli flavour

Finish: Clean long finish with pleasant lingering warmth that does not escalate


Smooth vodka 

infused with selected 

sun-dried chillis

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Flavoured Vodka
Colour: Pale gold 
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 43% 
UPC: 6009880823208

Chilli Peppers Selection

The Noble Chilli

Humans have used chillis for over 6 millennia to add heat and flavour to foods, but also to keep food from spoiling.   Over the years new hybrids and and varieties have evolved or been cultivated to create more than 4000 chilli varieties with different appearance, heat levels and flavours. 

Few spices have as much of a cult following as the chilli pepper. Much of the hype revolves around the quest to find or grow chillis that have very high heat levels.   The best known ingredient responsible for the heat or spice is capsaicin (cap-SAY-sin) although there are others, and  the heat, pungency or spiciness is measured by the Scoville Heat organoleptic scale, which ranges from 0 to over 3 million.  Mildly spicy peppers like the ‘green’ or bell pepper rate around 100, while pepper sprays used by law enforcement agencies rates at 1 500 000 or higher and is simply intolerable for humans. 

When we set out to make the very best chilli vodka we could, our goal was clear:  “authentic chilli taste, but no tears and no sweat” and with the target cocktail unquestioningly being the Bloody Mary.  Our Chilli Vodka now rates about 25000 SHU’s – about the spiciness of a stuffed jalopeno pepper, although some of the early batches were, frankly, quite warming!  

It was surprisingly complex to develop the recipe. We tried more than a dozen chilli pepper types in formulating our recipe: not all turned out to be suitable for a spirit-based drink.  Ripening changes the heat level and if the ripening process is too slow, moulds and soft spots can develop. Completely dried and powdered chillis add heat but little flavour;  oven-dried chillis can develop a smoky flavour,  chillis that are unripe can add unpleasant vegetable tastes, and some chillies that are great to cook with or eat are horrible in alcohol.  But after a process of elimination and, at times painful, tasting our job was done.  A chilli vodka that is not just hot, but tastes of chilli. Not too hot: not too mild.  And just perfect in a Bloody Mary. 

Featured recipes

Chilli Maria cocktail

In Search of the Perfect Bloody Mary

As one of my favourite cocktails at any time of day, and after having tasted a really good Bloody Mary cocktail made with a peppery vodka during London cocktail week, I was determined to make a great vodka that would make a delicious spicy Bloody Mary without all the fussy trimmings. In Deep South Chilli Vodka I think we have done that: hot, spicy, authentic chilli, and just amazing when blended with sumptuous, rich tomato juice. Yum!

Tropical Heat cocktail

Tropical Heat Fruit Cocktail

An exotic combination of chilli vodka and passion fruit, spiked with fresh lime, aromatic mint and smooth spicy ginger Ale. Sipping it conjures up images of tropical beach bars on far-flung palm fringed Caribbean beaches

Hot Sex on the Beach cocktail

Hot Sex on the Beach

Our take on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail, made with Chilii Vodka. Perfect for those hot summer days (and hot summer nights)

Chilli Maria cocktail

Chilli Maria

A wonderfully spicy version of the Bloody Mary, this delicious cocktail has just the right amount of bite from the chilli, with authentic chilli flavours blending with the rich tomato base

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