Premium White Rum

2023: Gold Medal

Lumo Awards

2023: Gold Medal

Intercontinental Spirits Competition

2021: Bronze Medal

International Wine & Spirits Competition London

2021: Gold Medal

RumSA Rum Awards

A smooth aromatic  white rum, with bold aromas and flavours exhibiting soft caramels and vanillas with just a hint of pepper and pot-still smokiness

The first rum in our portfolio, this premium white rum typifies our approach to making delectable spirits that are true to their nature, with big bold aromas and delicious flavours.  No boring production rum this one!

Made from first grade molasses in a carefully controlled fermentation process with selected yeasts, and double-distilled in a potstill to extract only the best possible flavours and aromas from the heart of the run, this white rum is a completely authentic craft spirit: nothing has been added to the distilled spirit except for clean, clear water.  So all of the flavours and aromas that you experience in this exceptional rum are attributable to the careful extraction  and selection of flavours during the distillation process.  This is a truly authentic craft rum. 

Smooth enough to be enjoyed neat, the aromatic toffee and caramel aromas prepare the palate for delicious subtle flavours of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tropical fruits.  The smooth creamy mouth feel is underpinned by just a hint of smoky pepperiness on the finish. 

Enjoyable as a smooth, sipping rum in its own right, the rum comes into its own when combined in the magic combination of white rum, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice as a delectable base for one of the favourite classic rum recipes like the caipirinha, mojito or daiquiri.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Creamy vanilla and  toffee with suggestions of caramelised sugars

Palate: Rich and rounded mouth-filling vanillas and tannins with undertones of characteristic pot-still smokiness

Finish: Long smooth finish with beautiful tropical fruit and hints of pineapple and banana.

Product Specifications

Spirit class: White Rum
Colour: Clear 
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 43% 
UPC: 6009880823239


This premium white rum is made from fermented and distilled first grade molasses and selected yeasts, and diluted with pure filtered water. 

It contains no artificial flavours, colourants or ingredients

Rum and the Tavern of the Seas

At the southern tip of Africa where the mighty Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, lies the Cape of Good Hope. This iconic peninsula emerged over a period of 300 years as a disputed but strategic port on the trading routes between Europe and Asia. Its bars, boarding houses, and businesses offered rest, refreshment and respite to seafarers from every corner of the earth. The growing settlement became a melting pot of peoples and nations, languages and cultures known affectionately as the Tavern of the Seas. 

The story of rum is closely entangled with the relentless economic expansion of European nations from the 1400’s onwards, for sugar cane, from which rum is made, grows well on the many islands visited by the seafarers of the time. The spirit has a stormy, and oftentimes, dark history filled with tales of piracy, great sea battles and bootlegging. Fortunes were made and lost in those unsettled times, and romantic tales are interwoven with cruel and violent histories.

But to the sailors who called in at the Tavern of the Seas, rum was a familiar and favoured drink. “Splicing the mainbrace” was an celebrated instruction to issue the crew with a ration of rum, and was part of shipboard life. Deep South Premium White Rum pays tribute to the history of rum at the Cape of Good Hope, where rums of many different origins would have ebbed and flowed through the Tavern of
the Seas.

Illustration - Tavern of the Seas

Featured recipes

Zombie #9 Cocktail

Zombie #9

The most well-known origin story of the cocktail’s name suggests that mixologist Donn Beach created the Zombie in an attempt to cure the hangover of one of his regulars.

When Beach later asked how his cure had worked, the customer allegedly said it had made him feel like a ‘zombie.’

The Zombie is a typical Tiki-style cocktail made with rum, fruit juice and sweetener. Strong, with big flavours, this cocktail is a party in a glass all by itself.

Recipe - Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail

Strawberry daiquiri

The Strawberry daiquiri with its glowing colours, fresh strawberry flavours and aromatic white rum is the quintessential party cocktail

Recipe - Caipirinha cocktail


Blending the magic trio of white Rum, fresh lime and sweet sugar, the potent, heady Caipirinha is one of the classic rum cocktails

Recipe - Rum Mojito cocktail

Rum Mojito

A refreshing, light rum cocktail with aromatic Deep South Premium White Rum, fragrant lime, fresh mint and sparkling soda water

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