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Cape Dry Gin is our signature classic Dry Gin, made from selected classic botanicalsand steam infused with local botanicals (“fynbos”) found on the mountains around the distillery.   Similar to a London Dry Gin,  all flavours are extracted during the distillation process, and nothing is added after distillation except pure water.  The name Cape Dry captured our desire to create a classic dry gin that paid tribute to the amazing, and unique, floral Kingdom that surrounds the distillery in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula. 

Although not the first gin to use fynbos botanicals, this is the original Cape Dry Gin. The result is beautifully balanced, juniper-forward gin with a dry citrus and herbal profile.  Sustainably harvested mountain buchus, supplemented by those that we cultivate at the distillery,  add lovely herbal and floral aromas and flavours.

This multi-award-winning gin is perfectly suited to a classic Gin and Tonic, but its versatility means that it excels in a range of cocktails from a traditional Gin Martini or Negroni, through to more adventurous gin drinks like the Gimlet, the Southside (gin mojito), or even a Gin Hot Toddy for cold winter evenings.


Spice Island is our newest and most exciting gin.  It is smooth and complex, and probably the best manufactured gin we have made.  Its inspiration is derived from our distiller’s sailing adventures in the Indian Ocean, with many fond memories of Zanzibar, that romantic quintessential Spice Island. 

Despite its name, this is a typical dry distilled gin at heart, it has been gently and subtly  infused with hints of some of the characteristic spices of Zanzibar to create an uplifting, heady and complex gin.  Of all of our gins, this one lends itself to interesting pairings with Indian Tonic and a creative range of garnishes because it takes on characteristics of the garnish itself. 

This versatile gin is delicious as a straight G&T with Indian Tonic garnished with grapefruit.  Add a splash of cranberry juice for our personal favourite:  Zanzibar Sunset. Garnish with a slice of ginger and a dried chilli or red peppercorns for an aromatic hot spice drink, or add a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange for a festive Christmassy Gin & Tonic.   And when it gets cold, make a warming Gin Hot Toddy to see you through a cold winter.


Ruby Gin is our fun gin although some of its fans call it our ‘naughty’ gin:  when we launched it it broke all the rules for “what a gin should be”!    And despite her gorgeous appearance, Ruby is all natural – no fake or synthetic ingredients for this lady!  Ruby is a thoroughly modern, floral-style ruby-pink gin!

The gin is first distilled with juniper berries, honeybush, citrus and a hint of cassia  to provide the deeper, darker fruity low notes that are then lifted by steam-infused rose pelargonium and lavender blossoms. The colour is derived from an infusion with hibiscus flowers, which also lend subtle mysterious notes to the floral bouquet. 

The gin is made slightly dry and slightly bitter, to create a balanced and aromatic contemporary-style gin and tonic for adventurous gin-lovers, and it makes the most beautiful fragrant pink cocktails.  

This is a gin that invites bold experimentation and is superb with floral or citrus flavoured tonics, garnished with abundant sweet citrus or berries and beautiful edible flowers. 


One of our most popular gins, originally reserved for our Private Label clients, but now available under our own label, following requests from so many visitors to the distillery.   A lovely fragrant light gin, distillery with the zests from selected Cape oranges and lemons and Thai limes, softened with sweet lemon candy flavours from locally-grown lemon-flavoured botanicals like lemon grass and lemon pelargonium. 

Still maintaining its London Dry gin pedigree,   this gin is great with classic cocktails like the Gin Martini or a gin and tonic, but also great for fun cocktails using fruit juices and something with a bit of fizz. Soda will do, but sparkling wine works too!


The first of our rums, this premium white rum typifies our approach to making delectable spirits that are true to their nature, with big bold aromas and delicious flavours.  No boring production rum this one!

Made from first grade molasses in a carefully controlled fermentation process with selected yeasts, and double-distilled in a potstill to extract only the best possible flavours and aromas from the heart of the run, this white rum is a completely authentic craft spirit: nothing has been added to the distilled spirit except for clean, clear water.  So all of the flavours and aromas that you experience in this exceptional rum are attributable to the careful extraction  and selection of flavours during the distillation process.  This is a truly authentic craft rum. 

Smooth enough to be enjoyed neat, the aromatic toffee and caramel aromas prepare the palate for delicious subtle flavours of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tropical fruits.  The smooth creamy mouth feel is underpinned by just a hint of smoky pepperiness on the finish. 

Enjoyable as a smooth, sipping rum in its own right, the rum comes into its own when combined in the magic combination of white rum, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice as a delectable base for one of the favourite classic rum recipes like the caipirinha, mojito or daiquiri.


This smooth aromatic wood-aged rum is our first foray into the world of barrel matured rum spirit. We are delighted with the result.

Made from first grade molasses in a carefully controlled fermentation process with selected yeasts, and double-distilled in a potstill to extract only the best possible flavours and aromas from the heart of the run, the rum is then lightly aged in new American oak for just a few months to impart subtle vanillas and tannins to complement the pot-still smokiness, and the light amber colour.

Winning a gold medal in its first international competition, this authentic craft rum has had nothing added except clean, clear water during the proofing down and blending. As a result, the smooth caramel sugar flavours, and beautiful aromas of the distilled rum come through strongly, with the oak adding vanillas and a light spicy fruitiness which will engage with the ingredients of your favourite dark rum cocktails. 

Perfectly designed to be enjoyed neat without ice, the rum nevertheless makes a beautiful rum cocktail. We love it with cocktails that work well with aged rums, like the Rum Old Fashioned, the Dark n’Stormy, Brass Monkey or that quintessential tropical holiday cocktail: the Mai Tai, which combines the Amber with our premium white rum


Our Deep South Premium Vodka spirit is a beautiful, smooth, sweet vodka inspired by the cold, clean, clear cobalt waters that lie beneath the wildness of the sea and the skies at the Cape of Storms, at the southern-most tip of Africa. 

Paying tribute to the legend of Adamastor, an ancient Titan imprisoned in the rugged Cape Peninsula, the rough, wild cane spirit is tamed through careful distillation and cold-filtering, and carefully blended with pure water.  The result is a full-bodied vodka with a beautiful silky-smooth mouth feel and aromatic sweet notes for your enjoyment. 

Everything about this spirit is class, from the beautiful original bottle to the smooth sweet mouth feel with just a hint of the fire within, this spirit positively glows in the bottle!

Enjoy straight up, as cold as possible, with twist of lemon peel. Or add to your favourite mixer to create a delicious cocktail with a touch of pure class.


Deep South Chilli Vodka is crafted in small batches from triple-distilled purecane spirit infused with carefully selected and ripened sun-dried chillies. Its creamy smoothmouth-feel and authentic chilli flavours make the world’s very best spicy Bloody Mary.

Our specification for this spirit was: “Authentic chilli flavours with no tears, no sweat,  and just a warm feeling in the chest” and this chilli really hits the spot!   The selection of chillis we use, and the ripening, seed removal and infusion process give the spirit a Scoville Heat score of around 25000 SHU’s – about the heat of a stuffed jalopeno pepper.  

Chilli lovers will enjoy sipping it served straight from the freezer in a chilled, frosted shot glass, with a twist of lime.  Its signature drink is the Bloody Mary, made simply with the chilli vodka, tomato juice and a sprinkle of salt.  The simplicity and balance of the flavours are amazing – no need to add any of the rest of the condiments!  

And for those into winter sports a splash of chilli vodka added to a creamy hot chocolate garnished with orange chocolate or toasted marshmallows makes for a spectacular winter drink.


Based on traditional classic absinthe verte recipes, this beautiful aromatic absinthe has been created from alcoholic tinctures and distillates of wormwood, hyssop and fennel combined with infusions of fragrant African botanicals used in traditional African remedies.

The result is a slightly bitter, refreshing herbal aperitif with smooth aniseed flavours lifted by notes of citrus and mint, with a characteristic green colour from selected natural herbs.

Absinthe, also known as la fée verte (green fairy) has a long and somewhat notorious history, being banned in many countries because of the (mistaken) belief that absinthe consumption would lead to wild hallucinations and general debauchery.  Fortunately those rumours proved to be groundless and today absinthe is enjoyed the world over. 

Deep South Green Absinthe is a truly African expression of the absinthe style with indigenous wormwood and aromatic local herbs.  It is best enjoyed in the French tradition, diluted with a sugar cube dissolved in iced water, although cocktail lovers will enjoy exploring the many exotic cocktails that use it as an ingredient.  


Bitters are concentrated tinctures of herbs, spices and fruit in strong alcohol, especially with ingredients that give them a bitter taste.  The bitterness is usually balanced by the addition of sweeteners and sweet aromatics. 

Bitters were originally used in herbal remedies, and this still happens today, but in modern times, they are used to flavour foods and beverages and are an essential ingredient in many classic cocktails. 

Currently Deep South Distillery offers two types of bitters flavours:  Aromatic and Orange.   Our bitters are crafted over several weeks by infusing hi-proof spirit distilled from grapes with carefully selected spices, herbs, fruit, roots, bark, and other natural ingredients.

Bittering ingredients such as gentian root, walnut leaves and quassia bark give the bitters its eponymous taste, and the addition of various warming spices like cinnamon,  clove, anise, fennel, vanilla and citrus zests create complex flavours and aromas.

While they are commonly used in alcoholic cocktails, they also make delicious refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails like the Rock Shandy, adding that missing flavour boost that alcohol normally brings to a cocktail, by adding a zip to a drink that would otherwise taste just a little dull.

But that's not all.......

Experimentation and quality lie at the heart of what we do. 

As a small, but well-equipped distillery, Deep South is able to manufacture and bottle almost any kind of spirit.  

We experiment continuously with processes, ingredients, and recipes as a way of mastering both the science of craft spirits and the art. Not all products that we create make it to the general market

  • some are made for our clients
  • some are for limited release to a closed community or for the distiller’s private bin
  • some are reserved as base spirits for contract clients
  • some are only for tasting or for workshops at the distillery.


Our main production focus at the moment is on white spirits, mainly gin, rum, vodka and infused vodkas.   But in between the production runs and the bottling and labelling, we try to find the time for experimentation.  So even though they are not in the bottle stores, there is always something new on the go at the distillery.

A visit to the distillery may reveal the odd fruit schnapps, a liqueur or two, a barrel-aged gin, a grappa or simply a new item in our extensive recipe library – single distilled flavours of more than a hundred botanicals that we keep in reserve for recipe making and blending.   And of course there are the spirits we make for our Private Label clients. 

In 2020 we started with our barrel ageing journey, mainly targeting rum, with the early results available to the market in mid 2021. 

Along with experimentation, we are particular about our record keeping.  We monitor every fermentation and distillation and record everything that happens during the process.  This allows us to exploit “happy accidents” – something that did not go as planned, but that nevertheless results in something very pleasant to the spirit – so we can repeat the process.  

 And it also allows us to create repeatable quality, batch after batch.   

Recipe-making in the distillery