Three Citrus Gin
2023: Gold

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2023: Gold

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A fragrant pairing of aromatic Cape citrus zests softened with citrus-flavoured botanicals from the Cape Peninsula, this traditional-style smooth gin is perfectly placed to serve as a base spirit for a wide range of great classic gin cocktails

Three Citrus Gin is made with beautiful seasonal citrus fruit grown locally in the Western Cape, carefully infused and distilled into a delicious, refreshing gin which is fast becoming one of our most popular flavours..

Aromas of tart lemon, aromatic lime and sweet orange combine with the inviting lemon candy flavours drawn from a careful mixture of freshly harvested lemon grass and dried lemon grass shavings to create a complex, inviting aromatic spirit. Fragrant Macedonian juniper adds prominent pine notes and the classic gin taste, with coriander completing the flavour profile with deeper savoury spice and citrus notes.

Despite its dominant citrus profile, Three Citrus Gin retains its classic London Dry Gin pedigree with all the versatility one would expect. It makes a fragrant mouth-watering Dry Martini when served ice cold with a splash of vermouth, a twist of fresh lemon zest, and a wicked juicy olive. It also combines beautifully with a good Indian tonic and a slice of lemon to make a perfectly balanced classic gin and tonic. Go full citrus with a citrus flavoured tonic or dry lemon mixer, or enjoy as a refreshing gin fizz with seasonal fruit juice and soda.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Warm sweet candy citrus aromas laid over piney juniper

Palate: Light, refreshing citrus flavours with sweeter citrus orange and lemongrass, to drier tangy notes from lemon and lime

Finish:  Smooth mouth feel, with a long finish of fragrant citrus oils, a pleasing sweetness and hints of pine and aromatic wood shavings


Angelica Root
Orange Zest
Lime Zest
Lemon Zest
Lemon Pelargonium

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Gin
Colour: Clear
HS Code: 22085011

















The Perfect Match: Citrus and Gin

Although the dominant flavour of gin should be juniper (the ingredient that makes gin, gin) citrus flavours and aromas have become inextricably linked to the enjoyment of gin cocktails, whether as a component of the gin itself, in the mixers and garnishes used in the making of the drink, or in other spirits like Bitters or citrus liqueur blended in for variety.

The wide range of citrus varieties today are actually hybrids of three ancestral species of citrus: the mandarin, the pomelo and the citron, giving orange, grapefruit and lemon flavours respectively. But citrus fruits hybridise quite readily with each other – so a pomelo and a mandarin that grow close together may mix reproductive material to create a wholly new type of fruit with characteristics of both.

The popularity and availability of citrus coincided with gin’s boom years in England, and was readily used as a flavourful and aromatic botanical in early gins, (most notably Alexander Gordons eponymous and class-defining gin), because of aromatic oils found in the skins which dissolves readily in alcohol. Many of the ingredients used in gins, like roots and berries, create quite sombre and subdued flavours, so citrus can add bright top notes and a lively refreshing nose or flavour. The diversity of modern descendants of the humble mandarin, pomelo and citron can be used to create nuances so that a gin made with sweet clementines is recognisably different from one that is made with ruby grapefruit, or aromatic Thai limes.

Citrus flavours and aromas are not only derived from citrus fruit. Citrus oils extracted during ginning can be a little bitter and can also cause louching (clouding) when the gin is diluted with tonic (as happens in ouzo or Pernod), which is not a fault in the gin, but merely indicates a high citrus oil content. Other ingredients that can add citrus flavours to gin include lemongrass, lemon thyme, lemon basil, lemon mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon bergamot as well as lemon-scented pelargoniums that grow natively in the Cape Peninsula.

Deep South Three Citrus Gin is made from a careful blend of dried peel and fresh zests from oranges and lemons grown in the Western Cape, mixed with aromatic Thai lime peel, locally grown lemon pelargonium and lemongrass to add lemon candy notes to create a lovely, fragrant, refreshing gin.

Featured recipes

Gin Fitzgerald cocktail


The Fitzgerald is a sophisticated, light citrus-flavoured cocktail with a splash of aromatic bitters to make it interesting. Like a gin sour without the froth!

This cocktail, invented by Dale DeGroff in 2002, is named for the famous writer of the same name. Although a recent invention, its light classic flavours hearken back cocktails of the pre-prohibition era.

Suffering Bastard cocktail

Suffering Bastard

A potent flavour explosion of Amber Rum, Citrus Gin, lime juice, aromatic bitters and ginger beer, our version of this classic drink is a guaranteed pick-me-up!

Gin Sour cocktail

Gin Sour

Light, refreshing, and with a lot of punch, the Gin Sour is one of the original ‘sour’ cocktails, and has been enjoyed in a similar manner since the late 1800s.

This recipe combines delicious Deep South Citrus Gin, sweet-sour lemon and aromatic bitters topped with frothy egg-white for a mouth-watering refreshing lemony hit!

Pegu Club cocktail

Pegu Club

Strong, sophisticated, with a refreshing citrusy herbal finish lifted by the addition of both aromatic and orange bitters to create complexity and spice.

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