Amber Potstill Rum
Medal ISC 2023 Gold

2023: Gold Medal

Intercontinental Spirts Challenge

Medal MichelAngelo Gold 2021 Round

2021: Gold Medal

MichelAngelo International Wine & Spirits

A full-bodied lightly-aged pot-still rum, with bold aromas and flavours. Paying tribute to the nautical heritage of Rum at the Cape of Good Hope, it can be enjoyed neat or in your favourite rum cocktail.

This smooth aromatic wood-aged rum is our first foray into the world of barrel matured rum spirit. We are delighted with the result.

Made from first grade molasses in a carefully controlled fermentation process with selected yeasts, and double-distilled in a potstill to extract only the best possible flavours and aromas from the heart of the run, the rum is then lightly aged in new American oak for just a few months to impart subtle vanillas and tannins to complement the pot-still smokiness, and the light amber colour.

Winning a gold medal in its first international competition, this authentic craft rum has had nothing added except clean, clear water during the proofing down and blending. As a result, the smooth caramel sugar flavours, and beautiful aromas of the distilled rum come through strongly, with the oak adding vanillas and a light spicy fruitiness which will engage with the ingredients of your favourite dark rum cocktails. But this is not a sweet spiced rum and nor is it an over-filtered production rum. Instead the wood ageing complements the inherent smokiness of the rum and creates a warming aged spirit somewhat reminiscent of aged brandies. But the sugary notes, with hints of banana, caramel, and subtle hints of vanilla on the palate proclaim its rum heritage and make it a beautiful spirit to drink neat in a snifter glass, warmed gently in cupped hands. Rum aficionados will be delighted at the hint of ‘burnt rubber’ on the finish that is so characteristic of big Caribbean-style pot-still rums, and which we have retained in the spirit as a tribute to that genre.

Perfectly designed to be enjoyed neat without ice, the rum nevertheless makes a beautiful rum cocktail. We love it with cocktails that work well with aged rums, like the Rum Old Fashioned, the Dark n’Stormy, Brass Monkey or that quintessential tropical holiday cocktail: the Mai Tai, which combines the Amber with our premium white rum.

Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Creamy vanilla and  toffee with suggestions of caramelised sugars

Palate: Creamy sugars, subtle banana and fruit brandy notes

Finish: Long smooth finish with peppery smokiness with just a hint of classic pot-still funk 

Product Specifications

Spirit class: Potstill Wood-aged Rum
Colour: Gold/Amber 
Volume: 750ml
Alc/vol: 45% 
UPC: 6009880823246


Amber rum is made from fermented and distilled first grade molasses and selected yeasts, and diluted with pure filtered water.  Aged for 4-6 months in new American Oak 

It contains no artificial flavours, colourants or ingredients

Rum and the Tavern of the Seas

At the southern tip of Africa where the mighty Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet lies the Cape of Good Hope. For nearly four centuries the bars, boarding houses and enterprises of this settlement at the foot of Table Mountain have offered refreshment and respite to the hardy seafarers plying their trade along the strategic sea routes around the Cape. 

The story of Rum has always been closely entangled with maritime history and rums from many different origins ebbed and flowed through this melting pot of peoples, languages and cultures drawn from every corner of the earth to spend time at the Tavern of the Seas.

Spirits on board were usually stored in oak barrels. Over the course of a voyage, raw rum spirits would absorb tannins and flavours from the wood, creating barrel-aged rums of varied quality and flavour.   

Deep South Amber Rum pays tribute to this nautical heritage but is made with great care to create a beautiful smooth aromatic golden barrel-aged rum.

The rum is made from first grade molasses, fermented, pot-distilled and then aged in American Oak.

Aromatic vanilla, sugary caramel and classic pot-still smokiness combine into a classic rum of surpassing quality. Connoisseurs will enjoy it neat with a slice of fragrant lime, and when when paired with tropical fruit juice or a mixer, it makes delicious cocktails.

Featured recipes

Suffering Bastard cocktail

Suffering Bastard

A potent flavour explosion of Amber Rum, Citrus Gin, lime juice, aromatic bitters and ginger beer, our version of this classic drink is a guaranteed pick-me-up!

Zombie #9 Cocktail

Zombie #9

The most well-known origin story of the cocktail’s name suggests that mixologist Donn Beach created the Zombie in an attempt to cure the hangover of one of his regulars.

When Beach later asked how his cure had worked, the customer allegedly said it had made him feel like a ‘zombie.’

The Zombie is a typical Tiki-style cocktail made with rum, fruit juice and sweetener. Strong, with big flavours, this cocktail is a party in a glass all by itself.

Rum Old Fashioned cocktail

Rum Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail traditionally made with Whiskey. But a robust aged rum like the Deep South Amber, with its subtle caramels and smoky finish, mimic the whiskey while adding warming undertones. Carefully prepared here in a leisurely classic understated, time-honoured way.

Koperbobbejaan Cocktail


The Brass Monkey cocktail traditionally combines rum and orange.

Our Koperbobbejaan (copper baboon) steps up the game a little with a more complex mix of flavours and is a slightly ironic tribute to the troop of baboons that regularly try to raid our distillery, overturn our dustbins and play tag on the metal roof!

Manufactured by Deep South Distillery
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