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Deep South Distillery was born from a dream and a vision in 2015 to open a craft distillery that would make great spirits at the tip of Africa, tapping into the unique local floral kingdom for its flavours and recipes, and creating an attraction that would play a role as one of the many attractions to be found in the far south of the Cape Peninsula.

Over the years we have learnt so much from our customers, distillery visitors, colleagues and business partners. We have shared many anecdotes, experiences, successes and failures with wonderful people from all over the world who have been part of our journey and our endeavours to build a craft distillery making premium spirits that people love.

So what keeps us going…..?

Determination, a love of making craft spirits and a belief in our products. The medals we win motivate us, and a sense of humour helps of course. But mostly it is the support and love of our customers and their stories.

So when you post a picture on social media of yourself enjoying our gin in some wild location, when you share your favourite recipe using our rum, when you drop in to the distillery for a gift to take to your mother-in-law in Scotland because “she just loves your vodka”, when you like or comment on our social media posts or share a story about our spirits, when you post a reel of your last spirits tasting, when you write that blog or article or inline review about your visit with us, when you remind us that we first met you at some festival somewhere in South Africa, you encourage us. And when you ask us questions like “why is the penguin upside down?” or “What made you start a distillery?” or “What makes your absinthe green”, or “How do I start my own spirits brand?” or “What does proof mean?” or “Why is Indian Tonic so named?” you remind us that there are many stories still to be told: Yours and ours.

List of stories

Some stories from our archives

Chilli Maria cocktail
Lore of Spirits

In Search of the Perfect Bloody Mary

As one of my favourite cocktails at any time of day, and after having tasted a really good Bloody Mary cocktail made with a peppery vodka during London cocktail week, I was determined to make a great vodka that would make a delicious spicy Bloody Mary without all the fussy trimmings. In Deep South Chilli Vodka I think we have done that: hot, spicy, authentic chilli, and just amazing when blended with sumptuous, rich tomato juice. Yum!

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Where is the Deep South​?

The Deep South is the name affectionately given, by the people who live there, to that part of the peninsula south of the Old Cape

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