Pengroni Cocktail
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Strong but quick and easy to make, the Pengroni (for Penguin’s Negroni) cocktail combines floral Ruby Gin with bittersweet herbal flavours from the Aperol, lifted by sweet citrus aromas. A great alternative if you find the Negroni a bit dry!

Combining the concepts of the classic Negroni and the hugely popular Aperol Spritz cocktails, this quick blend uses equal parts of floral gin with the apertif to create a refreshing and tasty cocktail.   Uncomplicated and simply delicious!


  • 37ml (1½ tot) Deep South Ruby Gin
  • 37ml (1½ tot) Aperol®
  • Slice of orange

To make

  1. Pour gin and Aperol® into a chilled glass over 4-5 cubes of ice
  2. Garnish with a slice of orange and a large twist of orange peel
Variations:  Spritz up with a splash of sweet sparkling wine, lemonade or soda according to your preference for a lighter drink