Classic Gin Martini

Recipe - Classic Gin Martini Cocktail
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The perfect Classic Gin Martini, made with Cape Dry Gin, a dash of vermouth and the traditional citrus and olive garnish.

The herbal fynbos profile of the Deep South Cape Dry Gin is spectacular in this iconic gin cocktail.

Traditionally, dry (or sweet) vermouth and gin were used in equal parts in a gin martini, but as gins have become more flavourful, the modern style is to use much less vermouth and emphasise the gin.  If you prefer more vermouth, make sure it is not older than 3-4 months if it has been opened. 

For best results this drink should be served very, very cold, in chilled glasses.   The smooth ice-cold Cape Dry Gin will release beautiful botanical aromas as it warms, pairing beautifully with the garnishes and faint herbal aromas from the vermouth.   Preparation and swiftness are key to making and enjoying this cocktail


  • 60ml Deep Cape Dry Gin
  • 10 ml Dry Vermouth to taste or less
  • Lemon zest spiral
  • 2-3 savoury olives on a cocktail stick
  • Optional  – Deep South Orange or Aromatic bitters
  • Ice


To make

  1. Place martini glasses into the freezer for 10 minutes to chill.  
  2. Prepare your garnishes before you make the cocktail
  3. Pour gin into a shaker filled with lots of very cold ice (not melting!)
  4. Stir (or shake!) well, 20-30 seconds, and briefly set aside
  5. Pour the vermouth into a chilled, dry glass, swirl it around to coat the glass well, and then discard the vermouth (!)
  6. Slowly pour the gin into the glass
  7. Add freshly peeled spiral of lemon zest and (if you must!) a splash of bitters
  8. Add olives
For a  Dirty Martini , add a small amount of brine from the olives to give the drink a salty savoury taste.