Dry Gin Bitters Martini

Classic Gin & Bitters Martini cocktail
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Deep South Three Citrus Gin is a spirit completely made for for the Dry Martini. Add a dash of your favourite bitters and add a creative garnish of citrus or savoury for a wickedly delicious cocktail.

Traditionally, a dry martini was made with ice-cold gin, a splash of vermouth, a dash of bitters and a carefully matched garnish of citrus or savoury flavour.  For best results this drink should be served very, very cold, in chilled glasses.   The smooth ice-cold Three Citrus Gin is a perfect foil for your favourite bitters.   


  • 60ml Deep South Three Citrus Gin, very chilled
  • 5 ml Dry Vermouth 
  • Your favourite bitters: Aromatic, Lime, Orange or Herbal are good
  • Your favourite garnish to pair:  see ideas below
  • Ice


To make

  1. Place martini glasses into the freezer for 10 minutes to chill.  
  2. Prepare your garnish before you make the cocktail
  3. Pour gin,  vermouth and bitters into a stirring glass filled with lots of very cold ice (not melting!)
  4. Stir well, 20-30 seconds, and then strain  into the cold dry glass
  5. Add your choice of garnish

Garnish ideas

Creative ideas for garnishes to pair with your martini and bitters:

  • twist of orange peel and stick of calamata olives
  • thinly peeled lime peel and stick of white cocktail onions and green olives
  • twist of lemon, and green olives speared on rosemary 
  • pickled garlic and cracked black pepper
  • halved kumquats and slices of cocktail gherkin
  • cubes of green apple lightly sprinkled with salt, speared by lemon grass



For a  Dirty Martini , add a small amount of brine from your pickle or olive jar to give the drink a salty savoury taste.