Gin Bokkie

Recipe - Gin Bokkie Cocktail
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Our take on the classic Gin Buck: a gin and ginger ale with your own creative mixology. See how a simple change of garnish brings out the extraordinary range of the Deep South Spice Island Gin, and creates quite a different drink.

Made with award-winning Deep South Spice Island Gin, our South African version of the Gin Buck is called the Gin Bokkie.   This complex versatile gin displays different flavours depending on the garnishes you add as they draw your attention to the various components in the gin.  


  • 50 ml Deep South Spice Island Gin
  • 200ml Ginger Ale
  • 4-6 blocks of ice

To make

  1. Pour Gin over ice
  2. Float Ginger Ale on top
  3. Garnish with one of the following delicious combinations:
  • Christmas Bokkie: Slice of orange and a cinnamon stick
  • Chilli Bokkie: Single dried chilli floated on top
  • Spiced Bokkie: Angostura bitters & a single clove or broken cardamom pod
  • Ginger Bokkie: Slice of fresh ginger
  • Pepper Bokkie: Sprinkle of red peppercorns and slice of grapefruit


Boost your Bokkie with a dash of matching liqueur such as Grand Marnier (orange) or Ginger liqueur.

Recipe - Gin Bokkie #2 cocktail
Gin Bokkie #2