Amber Rum

This exceptional aromatic Amber Rum is made from first grade molasses carefully fermented with selected yeasts and twice distilled to create a spirit of creamy smoothness and characteristic potstill rum flavours and aromas.   It is then lightly aged for 4-6 months in new American Oak to create a sublime sipping rum with a signature golden colour.

Warm toffee and caramel notes on the nose prepare the palate for delicious subtle flavours of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tropical fruits. The slightly higher alcohol strength creates a robust but smooth mouth-feel, with subtle vanilla from the wood  underpinned by just a hint of smoky pepperiness  and a tantalising hint of classic pot-still funk on the finish to make it interesting.

This rum can be enjoyed neat without ice, or enjoy as a delectable base in any of your favourite classic rum recipes  Try the classic Rum Old Fashioned on ice with citrus, or savour fiery ginger-beer in the style of a Dark’ n Stormy, get down and dirty with Coca-cola and lime in a Cuba Libre or simply relax with a tropical fruit cocktails like the Mai Tai, Brass Monkey, or Rum Punch.


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This smooth aromatic wood-aged rum is our first foray into the world of barrel matured rum spirit. We are delighted with the result.

Made from first grade molasses in a carefully controlled fermentation process with selected yeasts, and double-distilled in a potstill to extract only the best possible flavours and aromas from the heart of the run, the rum is then lightly aged in new American oak for just a few months to impart subtle vanillas and tannins to complement the pot-still smokiness, and the light amber colour.

Winning a gold medal in its first international competition, this authentic craft rum has had nothing added except clean, clear water during the proofing down and blending. As a result, the smooth caramel sugar flavours, and beautiful aromas of the distilled rum come through strongly, with the oak adding vanillas and a light spicy fruitiness which will engage with the ingredients of your favourite dark rum cocktails. But this is not a sweet spiced rum and nor is it an over-filtered production rum. Instead the wood ageing complements the inherent smokiness of the rum and creates a warming aged spirit somewhat reminiscent of aged brandies. But the sugary notes, with hints of banana, caramel, and subtle hints of vanilla on the palate proclaim its rum heritage and make it a beautiful spirit to drink neat in a snifter glass, warmed gently in cupped hands. Rum aficionados will be delighted at the hint of ‘burnt rubber’ on the finish that is so characteristic of big Caribbean-style pot-still rums, and which we have retained in the spirit as a tribute to that genre.

Perfectly designed to be enjoyed neat without ice, the rum nevertheless makes a beautiful rum cocktail. We love it with cocktails that work well with aged rums, like the Rum Old Fashioned, the Dark n’Stormy, Brass Monkey or that quintessential tropical holiday cocktail: the Mai Tai, which combines the Amber with our premium white rum.

SKU Name  Amber Rum 750ml
Product type Spirit
Product class Rum
Alc/vol 45%
Size 750ml
Style/profile Potstill Barrel-Aged Rum
Colour Gold

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