African Absinthe

Deep South Green African Absinthe is a unique fusion of a traditional classic absinthe recipe with African botanicals. The result is the familiar sweet aniseed flavours overlaid with fragrant herbal, mint and citrus notes.

Absinthe should always be enjoyed ice-cold. It can be sipped neat, although the high alcohol content does not allow the complex flavours to truly express themselves. The most popular way to enjoy absinthe is the ritualistic ‘Absinthe Cocktail’ where one slowly drips a double shot of ice cold water over a sugar cube into a glass of absinthe. Diluting and sweetening it this way ‘tames’ the spirit and results in an ice-cold, cloudy and deliciously refreshing drink that is not bitter at all.

In part, because of its notorious (and undeserved) reputation, Absinthe tends to bring out the whimsical side in cocktail-makers. From Ernest Hemingway’s heady Death in the Afternoon to the grimly-named Corpse Reviver #2, the mood-lifting Green Beast or our very own Minty Green Fairy, this sublime spirit creates a wonderful range of fragrant, refreshing cocktails. See our web site for more Absinthe cocktail recipes


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Based on a traditional classic absinthe verte recipe, this beautiful aromatic absinthe has been created from alcoholic tinctures and distillates of wormwood, hyssop and fennel combined with infusions of fragrant African botanicals used in traditional African remedies, including artemesia afra, the African wormwood, which has long been used to treat an astonishing range of ailments.

The resulting spirit is a slightly bitter, refreshing herbal aperitif with smooth aniseed flavours lifted by notes of citrus and mint, with a characteristic green colour that comes entirely from an infusion of natural herbs.

‘Umphuphi’ – The Dreamer – is a truly African expression of the absinthe style, but best enjoyed in the traditional French tradition, diluted with iced water poured over a sugar cube until the green fades to a shimmering cloudy lemon-coloured elixir. Or get creative and experiment with one of our amazing absinthe cocktails. Enjoy!

SKU Name African Absinthe 500ml
Product type Spirit
Product class ABSINTHE
Alc/vol 60%
Size 500ml
Style/profile Classic Green Absinthe with African herbs
Colour Green