Spice Island Gin

Spice Island is an aromatic, flavourful gin made with light touches of sweet Zanzibar spices.  Its pedigree is classic dry gin, and the spice notes are subtle, giving the gin a hint of sweetness that is equally delicious whether enjoyed neat, as a G&T with straight Indian Tonic, or used as a base for more adventurous gin cocktails


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Spice Island is our newest and most exciting gin. It is smooth, complex, and versatile and probably the best manufactured gin we have made. Its inspiration is derived from our distiller’s sailing adventures in the Indian Ocean, with many fond memories of Zanzibar, that romantic quintessential Spice Island.

Despite its name, this is a typical dry distilled gin at heart, it has been gently and subtly infused with hints of some of the characteristic spices of Zanzibar to create an uplifting, heady and complex gin. Of all of our gins, this one lends itself to interesting pairings with Indian Tonic and a creative range of garnishes because it takes on characteristics of the garnish itself.

This versatile gin is delicious as a straight G&T with Indian Tonic garnished with grapefruit. Add a splash of cranberry juice for our personal favourite: Zanzibar Sunset. Garnish with a slice of ginger and a dried chilli or red peppercorns for an aromatic hot spice drink, or add a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange for a festive Christmassy Gin & Tonic. And when it gets cold, make a warming Gin Hot Toddy to see you through a cold winter.

SKU Name Spice Island Gin 750ml
Product type Spirit
Product class GIN
Alc/vol 43%
Size 750ml
Style/profile Dry Style Gin with Spice profile
Colour Clear

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Weight 1310 g
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 185 mm

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