Something Old, Something New

Something Old Something New cocktail
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"Something Old Something New" combines sweet and sour flavours with a sublime gin, aromatic lime and fresh lemonade for an unforgettable cocktail

Combining traditional gin, lime and cucumber with piquant sweet flavours from the Spice Island Gin, and hot aromatic paprika, this refreshing cocktail will lift your mood.  


  • 50ml Deep South Spice Island Gin
  • 200ml lemonade (fizzy)
  • 4-6 blocks of ice
  • 4-6 slices thinly cut cucumber
  • 2 wedges of lime
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Optional (mint to garnish)

To make

  1. Pour Gin over ice cubes into tall glass
  2. Add cayenne pepper, cucumber and the juice from one lime wedge & stir (don’t crush cucumber).
  3. Pour in lemonade and give a quick stir
  4. Garnish with slice or twist of cucumber skin and lime wedge
  5. Float a sprig of mint for extra fresh taste