Aromatic Bitters

One of two types of bitters in our repertoire, Deep South Aromatic Bitters are crafted over several weeks by infusing hi-proof spirit distilled from grapes with carefully selected spices, herbs, fruit, roots, bark, and other natural ingredients.

Bittering ingredients such as gentian root, walnut leaves and quassia bark give the bitters its eponymous taste, and the addition of various warming spices like cinnamon and clove, with fruity cranberry creates a deep, earthy flavour. Aromatic ingredients like star anise, fennel seed, vanilla and citrus zests complete the mix, adding spicy sweet aromas.

Bitters are primarily used in herbal remedies, in foods and in cocktails. While aromatic bitters are said to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, and they certainly add delicious flavours and aromas to desserts, sauces, gravies and dressings, Deep South Aromatic Bitters are mainly used as a beautiful addition to classic cocktails. They also make delicious refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails like the Rock Shandy, adding that missing flavour boost that alcohol normally brings to a cocktail, by adding a zip to a drink that would otherwise taste just a little dull.

So add some zest to your next cocktail, splash a little bitters and enjoy!


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An essential ingredient in your cocktail cabinet, aromatic bitters will enhance your classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or the Dark ‘n Stormy,  and create exciting new possibilities in cocktails made form almost any spirit.

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