Ruby Gin

A gorgeous and hugely popular gin, Ruby is a flavourful aromatic gin made in a contemporary floral style, with rose and lavender dominant.  Its bright ruby colour invites you to experiment and play with flavours and mixers to create an assortment of beautiful and creative cocktails.


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Ruby Gin is our fun gin although some of its fans call it our ‘naughty’ gin: when we launched it it broke all the rules for “what a gin should be”! And despite her gorgeous appearance, Ruby is all natural – no fake or synthetic ingredients for this lady! Ruby is a thoroughly modern, floral-style ruby-pink gin!

The gin is first distilled with juniper berries, honeybush, citrus and a hint of cassia to provide the deeper, darker fruity low notes that are then lifted by steam-infused rose pelargonium and lavender blossoms. The colour is derived from an infusion with hibiscus flowers, which also lend subtle mysterious notes to the floral bouquet.

The gin is made slightly dry and slightly bitter, to create a balanced and aromatic contemporary-style gin and tonic for adventurous gin-lovers, and it makes the most beautiful fragrant pink cocktails.

This is a gin that invites bold experimentation and is superb with floral or citrus flavoured tonics, garnished with abundant sweet citrus or berries and beautiful edible flowers.

SKU Name Ruby Gin 750ml
Product type Spirit
Product class Gin
Alc/vol 43%
Size 750ml
Style/profile Contemporary floral profile
Colour Ruby Red

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Weight 1310 g
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 185 mm

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