Three Citrus Gin

Three Citrus Gin offers a fragrant pairing of aromatic Cape citrus zests softened with citrus-flavoured botanicals from the Cape Peninsula.  This traditional-style smooth gin is perfectly placed to serve as a base spirit for a wide range of great classic gin cocktails


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Three Citrus Gin is made with beautiful seasonal citrus fruit grown locally in the Western Cape, carefully infused and distilled into a delicious, refreshing and popular gin. Flavours of tart lemon, aromatic lime and sweet orange combine with the inviting lemon candy aromas drawn from a careful mixture of freshly harvested lemon grass and dried lemon grass shavings to create a complex, inviting aromatic spirit. Fragrant Macedonian juniper adds prominent pine notes and the classic gin taste, with coriander completing the flavour profile with deeper savoury and citrus notes.

Despite its dominant citrus profile, Three Citrus Gin retains its classic London Dry Gin pedigree with all the versatility one would expect. It makes a fragrant mouth-watering Dry Martini when served ice cold with a splash of vermouth, a twist of fresh lemon zest, and a wicked juicy olive. It also combines beautifully with a good Indian tonic and a slice of lemon to make a perfectly balanced classic gin and tonic. Go full citrus with a citrus flavoured tonic or dry lemon mixer, or enjoy as a refreshing gin fizz with seasonal fruit juice and soda.

SKU Name Three Citrus Gin 750ml
Product type Spirit
Product class GIN
Alc/vol 43%
Size 750ml
Style/profile Dry Style Gin with Citrus profile
Colour Clear

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Weight 1310 g
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 185 mm

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