Popup Event – Caribbean Celebration 25 Nov 22

Summer is coming! Join us at sunset for a laid-back celebration of island-style craft food and delicious rum cocktails made from award-winning artisanal rum.

Deep South Collaborations is delighted to bring you the first of our Friday night themed food & cocktail popups celebrating craft food, artisanal spirits and chilled music by local DJs.

Gin & Sin

Gin & Sin Cocktail

Sweet and tart flavours blend perfectly with Three Citrus Gin to create a refreshing, fruity cocktail.

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling Cocktail

This wonderful tropical gin punch, made with Deep South Three Citrus Gin, perfectly matches sweet and sour fruity ingredients with aromatic gin to create the ultimate summer party cocktail.

Tom Collins Cocktail

Tom Collins Cocktail

A cocktail whose origins are both fascinating and contested, nevertheless perfectly suited to our refreshing Three Citrus Gin

Dry Gin Bitters Martini

Classic Gin & Bitters Martini

Deep South Three Citrus Gin is a spirit completely made for for the Dry Martini. Add a dash of your favourite bitters and add a creative garnish of citrus or savoury for a wickedly delicious cocktail.

Rum Old Fashioned

Rum Old Fashioned cocktail

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail traditionally made with Whiskey. But a robust aged rum like the Deep South Amber, with its subtle caramels and smoky finish, mimic the whiskey while adding warming undertones. Carefully prepared here in a leisurely classic understated, time-honoured way.


Koperbobbejaan (Brass Monkey Cocktail recipe

The Brass Monkey cocktail traditionally combines rum and orange.

Our Koperbobbejaan (copper baboon) steps up the game a little with a more complex mix of flavours and is a slightly ironic tribute to the troop of baboons that regularly try to raid our distillery, overturn our dustbins and play tag on the metal roof!

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre Cocktail with Amber Rum

Supposedly attributable to a US Army caption stationed in Havana in the 1900s, who added lime and Coca-Cola to his rum and toasted his Cuban comrades by saying “Por Cuba Libre” – “to a free Cuba”, this drink has become a worldwide favourite. It needs a full-bodied rum to stand up to the sweet Coke – with the fresh lime adding an essential role in bridging the gap between tropical rum and effervescent, spicy-sweet Coke.